Berkeley in the News

TV news highlights: Spring & summer 2010


  1. CBS 60 Minutes “BP Oil Spill”: Prof. Bob Bea
  2. PBS Newshour “Mark Twain’s Autobiography”: Robert Hirst, General Editor,
    Mark Twain Project
  3. National Geographic “Naked Science: Hunt for Aliens”: Prof. Geoff Marcy
  4. Discovery Channel “Daily Planet: Studying Streams”: grad student
    Christian Broderick
  5. PBS “History Detectives: Emma Goldman”: Goldman Papers Assoc. Editor
    Barry Pateman
  6. KGO News “Education Report re: African-Americans”: Prof. Na’ilah Nasir”
  7. KQED Quest “Argentine Ants”: Assoc. Prof. Neil Tsuitsui
  8. Science Channel “Through the Wormhole: Black Holes”: Grad Student
    Julie Comerford