Berkeley in the News

TV news highlights: Spring & summer 2008


  1. CBS 60 Minutes, Science of Sleep: Prof. Matt Walker re sleep research
  2. BBC World News Tonight: Prof. Hubert Dreyfus re: UCB course webcasts
  3. CNN Money: UCB Student Veteran Coordinator Ron Williams and student, Stuart Martin re veterans' programs at UCB
  4. CNN: Prof. Dan Boyarin re: new evidence about Jesus
  5. CNN Issue #1: Prof. Robert Reich re: economy
  6. FOX O'Reilly Factor: Prof. Richard Allan re: earthquakes
  7. ABC World News Tonight: Prof. Severin Borenstein re: gas prices
  8. ABC Good Morning America: Prof. Brad DeLong re: McCain on economy
  9. CNBC: Prof. Shankar Sastry re: engineering students
  10. KQED Quest: Prof. Vassilis Angelopoulos, scientist John Bonnell re: THEMIS space mission
  11. KQED Quest: Prof. Inez Fung re: research on rain
  12. KQED Quest: Prof. Tyrone Hayes re: research on abnormal frogs
  13. KQED Quest: Prof. Saul Perlmutter re: the expanding universe
  14. KGO: Prof. Andrew Garrett re: Hearst Museum collections
  15. KGO: Prof. David Ackerly, Scott Laurie re: CA's vanishing plants
  16. KGO: Prof. Ashok Gadgil and students re: solar water heater
  17. KGO: occupation of Memorial Stadium trees ends
  18. KPIX: UCB Math student/singer Nicole Campbell