Berkeley in the News

TV news highlights: Fall 2008


  1. CNN: Obama announces Energy Sec. nominee, Prof. Steve Chu
  2. CNN: Obama appoints National Council of Economic Advisors head, Prof. Christina Romer
  3. MSNBC Hardball: Prof. Laura Tyson re: the presidential transition
  4. PBS Newshour: Prof. Jacob Hacker re: 401Ks
  5. Bloomberg TV: Prof. Aaron Edlin re: bank bailout plan
  6. The Science Channel, "Ecopolis": Prof. Dan Kammen examines new environmental research
  7. CNN: UCB researchers working on future "Invisibility Cloak"
  8. KGO Energy Innovation Special: Prof. Chris Somerville re: biofuels
  9. KQED Quest: Prof. Bob Full re: "bio-robots"
  10. KQED Quest: Prof. Richard Muller re fusion
  11. KGO: Bancroft Library archival photo exhibit
  12. KPIX Eye on the Bay, Campanile Carillon